How2Agency Limited is an independent introductory organisation incorporated and based in Gibraltar.

We are the team of former bank managers with more than 20 years experience in the financial services industry.  We have done a thorough research on more than 200 banks and 300 service providers and as a result developed extensive worldwide network of trusted contacts with the best service providers in various industries. You don’t have to look for solution anymore – speak with us and we will help you to source solutions quickly and easily.

Our company goal is to empower our clients with information and allow them to make informed choices.

Our clients are happy that they receive unbiased factual information about the required service independently, and can locate the best solution for their needs without having to deal with pressure of provider sales force.

Our providers are happy that they know exactly who our clients are and what they want, as well as clients are well informed about the provider. Provider doesn’t have to convince the client to use their services as client have already made a choice!