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Welcome to How2Agency!

We are an International Consultancy and Intermediary

We know “How 2” source solutions for the diverse needs of our international clients

How2Agency focuses on specific segments through “How 2” branded projects


How2Agency LTD is an independent consultancy and introductory organisation incorporated and based in Gibraltar.

More than 20 years experience in the financial services industry helped us to do a thorough research on more than 200 banks and 300 service providers and as a result develop extensive worldwide network of trusted contacts with the best service providers in various industries. You don’t have to look for solution anymore – speak with us and we will help you to source solutions quickly and easily.

Our company goal is to empower our clients with information and allow them to make informed choices.

Our clients are happy that they receive unbiased factual information about the required service independently, and can locate the best solution for their needs without having to deal with pressure of provider sales force.

Our providers are happy that they know exactly who our clients are and what they want, as well as clients are well informed about the provider. Provider doesn’t have to convince the client to use their services as client have already made a choice!


  • Companies: How2StartUp – incorporate your business in Gibraltar and other jurisdictions

    • How2Gibraltar: in Gibraltar (No VAT, no TAXes for non res companies, in EU – ideal for asset holding, IT/online business, Crypto (may need licence))
    • How2Offshore:  in any other jurisdiction per client request (need justification) – UK, Singapore, HK, UAE, Malta, etc

  • Bank accounts and cards: How2Bank – it has become more difficult than ever, but we still have solutions!

    • fees for introduction to the BANK and assistance with application after prevetting: personal account or business account
      • NEW: account in the Bank in Puerto Rico 
      • account opening without bank visit: Mauritius, Cyprus, Isle of Man (personal), etc.
      • account opening with payment platforms as alternative to banking – huge savings on fees for transfers and fx (some offer account in company name with IBAN, some need existing bank acc) Remote opening on document scans.
      • with bank visit: almost anywhere, subject to free prevetting. Most popular: Latvia, Czech, Poland, Dubai, Singapore, Gibraltar, Malta, UK
    • How2Cards
      • Prepaid Cards: (in EUR, GBP, USD) ideal for travel and online payments
      • Card Acquiring  – merchant accounts to accept card payments for businesses
    • How2Fx – Foreign Exchange platforms – savings from 2% compared to bank rates on foreign exchange, 1 day opening. Free transfers worldwide. Cards and IBAN may be included.
    • How2Mortgage and How2Insure: Intros to the banks and international mortgage and insurance brokers

  • CryptoCurrency and Blockchain – How2Coin – don’t miss out on the new opportunities! Beware of scams!

    • Licensing in Gibraltar (from 2018) – DLT regulation
      • turn key solution (preliminary risk and evaluation exercise + assistance with full application)
      • Introductions to banks, lawyers, accountants, regulators, payment service providers
      • Finding advisors and team
      • Office space renting
    • Licensing in Estonia, Belarus and Malta (coming) – referral to local trusted experts
    • Cryptocoach: Assistance and guidance with cryptoccy purchase and sale for beginners
    • Start-up package – Company formationBank accounts for DLT and cryptocurrency businesses
    • Peer to Peer cryptocurrency transactions – we find buyer or seller for you
    • ICO Advisory
    • Access to Cryptocurrency funds and funds of funds for experienced investors
    • Accepting bitcoin online for your business
    • Mining hardware supplies, bargains from China, Russia and Latvia
    • Recruitment of staff for your project worldwide
    • Marketing and Promotion solutions
    • Bespoke services – based on quote

  • Tax residency: How2Residency – choose country to pay less or no TAX and be calm about your bank reporting

    • Gibraltar Cat 2: if confirmed assets more than GBP2mio: no need to reside, pay only fixed GBP22k tax pa if all income generated outside of Gibraltar. Rent property from aprx GBP20k pa, or buy from aprx GBP250k, receive Cat 2 status certificate and tax certificate + utility bill
    • Dubai: through registration of company on investment in property (from USD280k)- no income tax. Residency card and utility bill provided, good for banks. Includes bank account. Need to visit 2 times a year (every 6 months). Tax certificate not needed but can be done – need to prove residence for 183 days.
    • Maltaoverseas income not remitted to Malta not taxed. Rent from 9.7k pa or buy from 275k, cannot stay in other country more than 183 days
    • Paraguay: can be done in 2-3 weeks, no need to travel to Paraguay, no need to invest, no tax

  • Citizenship – How2Passport – become Global citizen and travel with no VISA to many countries

    • St. Kitts special hurricane discounted price from 177k USD (Normally over USD280k) until 30/03/2018
    • Antigua, Grenadines, etc… similar as St. Kitts
    • Malta – from 1mio

  • How2Drive – luxury and supercar off-market sourcing and rental 

    • Off market supercar sourcing (Ferrari LaF, Bugatti Chiron, Pagani Huayra, etc)
    • Luxury cars
    • Long term luxury car rental schemes in Europe for expats