How 2 obtain residency permit in EU or Schenghen area? How to move family to Europe and still work in home non-EU country? How 2 buy a property and have residency permit as additional benefit? How 2 travel around EU without need to apply for Schenghen visa all the time? How 2 apply for citizenship after living in EU for long time?

These are questions we get from non-EU residents very often.

Certain European countries have been active recently in offering attractive options for foreign nationals to acquire temporary or permanent residency permits in their countries.

Such countries include Latvia, Cyprus, Portugal and recently Spain. They have different names to these programs like Golden Visa in Portugal, Residency permit, or EU residency permit.

We have done our research and have proven providers in these countries in order to provide you the best service.

Each country has unique proposition and benefits, so it is vital to consult us to find the most appropriate for you. We will save you time on approaching each country providers separately.

In this section we will summarize requirements by these countries and have separate pages for each country (to be updated later)

Usually these countries have the following set of rules to acquire residency, qualifying for one of them may be enough to be granted with residency permit:

  • Acquiring of the real estate (from EUR 200,000 to EUR 500,000)
  • Transfer of capital or deposit into one of the local banks for the period of more than 5 years (EUR 300,000 – EUR 1,000,000)
  • Establishment of business or creating more than 10 permanent jobs. Different rules for amount to be invested into business or taxed to be paid annually (EUR50,000-EUR 500,000 and tax to be paid 0 or EUR 50,000 per annum)

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