If your or your client answer to any of the questions below is YES, it will be worthwhile to get in contact with us:

How2Bank Financial solutions:

Banking, personal and business:

Are you considering changing your current banking arrangement or looking for a new bank to suit your personal or business needs?
• Would you like to review your current banking arrangements and fees you pay, to compare against possible alternative arrangements?

Savings, Investments, Pensions, Investment Portfolio Clinic:

• Are you interested in a higher return on your current financial assets? Do you think it’s time that you had an independent financial review?

• If you have existing investment portfolio, would you like a second opinion its performance? Would you be interested to have an independent review and opinion on your portfolio from best investment professionals in the industry without passing them your personal details? Would you like to know if its balanced to optimum level for the current market conditions?

• Do you have or have you had a UK pension, if so, would you like to understand how the most recent changes to pension rules could have an impact on you?

• Would you like to look at ways to structure savings towards your future plans?

Loans, Mortgages, Structured finance

• Are you looking for a mortgage, equity release, project/asset finance?
• Would you like to compare the most competitive terms?
• Would you like to refinance to take advantage of low interest rates?
• Are you looking to invest in project in return for a high yield?


• Do you require a prepaid debit card solution that enables your business to streamline not only corporate expenditure but also to manage a variety of payout transactions including wages, commission, travel expenses reimbursement, incentives, fuel among others?
• Do you require a card which can be pre funded electronically for free without having full access to your overall bank balance. Could such cards be useful in your business?
• Do you have family members who you support through allowances who could benefit from a card?

• Are you looking for a merchant account and acquiring solution or trying to get a better deal?

Foreign Exchange Transfers and International Payments

• Are you about to, or do you, make foreign exchange transfers?
• Would you like to save by getting better rates and cheaper transfers than those offered by your bank? (can save up to 2%!)

• Are you looking for international payment gateway solutions or merchant services and accounts?

How2Agency Bespoke solutions:

International Company Formation and management

• Do you require company, trust, foundation setting up or a company bank account in international jurisdiction?
• Would you like to review or change your current structure?



• Is your insurance policy soon up for renewal?
• Would you like to compare deals at renewal for your international health/home/travel/car/boat or even pet insurance?


Tax matters

• Do you need international tax advice of any sort?
• Are you sure your current personal and corporate set up is tax efficient?
• Would you like to be introduced to a tax advisor who has experience with similar situations?


Residency and Citizenship matters

124130-matte-red-and-white-square-icon-transport-travel-compass4• Are you interested in moving yourself to a tax efficient jurisdiction like Gibraltar, Portugal, Malta, St.Kitts and Nevis, or applying for citizenship?
• Do you require residency permit in EU on great terms to have freedom of movement in Schenghen area?

Buy/Sell/Rent/Finance exclusive real estate

• Are you interested to buy/sell/rent exclusive real estate in London, Spain, Portugal, France, or elsewhere? Are you interested in mortgage or equity release on your property?

• Do you have an interest in repossessed  and off market property?

Buy/Sell/Rent/Charter of yachts and exotic cars


• Would you like to buy/sell/hire/charter a yacht or luxury/exotic car and find the best deal?


We do not provide any form of advice as we are “Introductory Organisation”. We are not a bank, certified financial or investment adviser, securities dealer or broker. We believe that people can make their own informed decisions on their personal affairs. What is needed is quick and simple access to enough relevant information to enable them to do so. On request we will offer you a range of solutions from providers for your stipulated requirements and where possible, once your decision is made, or if a little support is needed, make a personal introduction to an individual working within your chosen provider(s) to take care of you.

If you have particular request for us to look at, please use the form here to contact us