We have analysed over 50 prepaid card solutions in the international marketplace and identified common drawbacks of the offerings:

  • cards are mainly offered to private individuals who need to apply online
  • restrictions for country of residence of applicants (majority are UK focused) and where cards can be sent. Cards are often declined or cancelled by issuer.
  • very low loading limits (up to EUR500 max) and same for annual limits, as well as difficulties with loading the cards. Cards become expendables
  • very high fees (issue, load, purchase, ATM, monthly and other fees) which make it very expensive exercise)
  • no offers available for the businesses who need to issue cards to their employees/agents/affiliates

However research resulted in identification of the best offerings in the market.

We have now got access and are able to arrange application for the one of the best Prepaid card solutions in the market for businesses, business owners and its employees/affiliates/agents.

The Corporate Visa Prepaid Program is a prepaid debit card solution that enables businesses to streamline not only their corporate expenditure but also to manage a variety of payout transactions including wages, commission, travel expenses reimbursement, incentives, fuel among others.
Its versatility and flexibility make it a must-have tool to grow and manage expenses and steer your organisation into a future were increasingly, business owners and individuals are exploring options beyond traditional banking services, in order to gain a greater measure of control and ownership with their finances-in addition to cutting down on costs.

Key benefits to Businesses include:
· Freedom from check processing
· Less paperwork
· Instant, online payments to customers, employees, partners & affiliates
· Facility to track & manage expenses through an online admin console
· Reduces costs, especially for cross border payments

Key benefits to Cardholder include:
· No bank account or credit history required
· Simple, easy, instant & secure access to cash at ATM’s & shopping at merchants worldwide
· Access account management including balance check & transaction history via mobile app & website
· Options to add funds to their own account for personal funds management.
· Simple and instant account to account transfers
· Transparent fees
· Prestige of a personalised Visa Card

Setting up the Standard program is simple and free. Contact us and we will organise

The client will also have the option of choosing from GBP, Euros or USD accounts.


After application is approved, corporate program account is opened and access to online card management platform is granted to the Business. Business funds the card platform account when necessary from its own business account. Business enrolls Cardholders and uploads KYC to increase limits if applicable. Business loads cards of Cardholders electronically from the online platform account. Cardholders receive funded cards and get access to Cardholder online platform. Now cardholders can use cards as normal for expenditure and cash withdrawals. Business can continue to load issued cards when necessary as well as enroll new Cardholders.


Depending on how they will want to use the card/s we can agree and set up different limits. In order to keep this simple and flexible we offer two KYC levels-each with their usage limits:
Only name, address and date of birth required from card holder.
Cards created at this level are limited to €2,500 in loading per year. Both maximum single load & maximum daily load are capped at €2’500.00.
KYC2 (Registered Cards)
A government issued ID, along with a current (Within last three months) utility bill required from card holder.
Cards created at this level have an unlimited loading per year (lifetime load). Maximum single load is limited to €10,000, with a maximum daily load of €20,000.


These Prepaid cards have the lowest fees in the marketplace:

  • Card issuance fee: EUR7, GBP5, USD8
  • Free purchases POS, Online, etc
  • ATM withdrawal: EUR2.75, GBP2.25, USD3.50 (Max EUR400 (KYC1) or EUR2000 (KYC2) per day)
  • Monthly fee: 1 EUR/GBP/USD

A prerequisite for setting up a live account is the processing and verification of documentation as understandably, Issuer is regulated by the FSC here in Gibraltar along with Visa and need to remain fully compliant to continue in its tradition of offering the utmost security and peace of mind to its clients.

Please see below for company requirements for setting up a business account:

For Companies:

1. Memorandum & Articles of Association.
2. Certificate of Incorporation.
3. Details of other directors / owners (+ID and proof of address).
4. Recent utility bill or document evidencing your Business Address.
5. The Bank’s name and last four digits of your account from where you will be sending us money from.
6. Copy of the latest Bank Statement for the Company showing the account number.

For individuals/cardholders:
1. Copy of your passport, driver’s license or other Government issued photographic identity document.
2. Recent (within last three months) utility bill such as electricity, gas, telephone, or Government bill or receipt such as Tax, utilities etc.

Please contact us for more information and for assistance with application for the service.