How 2 become our Provider or Ambassador?

If answer to any of the below is YES, then – WE NEED YOU and YOU NEED US!

  • Are you exceptional specialist in your field who How2Agency may use as a preferred provider?
  • Are you ambitious, entrepreneurial, influential, client focused, outgoing personality, not institutionalised?
  • Are you trusted and respected in the industry?
  • Do you have good client base which you want to leverage and monetise? Do you have resource, but don’t have time to research and facilitate client need?
  • Do you want your clients to get best service? Do you make it a personal goal for the client to be satisfied with the service and recommend to others?
  • Do you want to provide service clients ask for which you do not provide, or fail to find provider / failed to monetise?
  • Have you been usually let down by providers or frustrated because they could not deliver?5346550_xftd7jjqja4uki9ngbbjeb6ae033fqjc.medium

What does Ambassador do?

  • Generates Referrals. Promoter of How2Agency and development manager.
  • Solves issues/problems for their clients/network/contacts in a compliant and professional way* through How2Agency
  • Delivers solutions for his contacts using H2A resources and processes
  • Monetises its client database
  • Explores New sectors. Creates new sales pipelines
  • Introduces H2A as extension of his own service
  • Ambassador is not an employee of H2A, have no share or obligations of/to the company. Ambassador is his own boss.

How does an Ambassador function?

  • Shares H2A Vision: To be a foremost consultant and solution provider by ensuring confidence and simplicity when making a choice for our globally mobile affluent and business clients by matching their requirements through introduction of COMPARISON of selected and proven individual representatives of the best providers based entirely on feedback and our vetting process as well as providing full assistance with application for the service.
  • Performs ANALYSIS: Assessment of clients backgrounds, requirements and preferences. Completes relevant questionnaire with a client and passes to H2A. We do the rest!


  • Increases his own revenue through increased referral commissions and reciprocal referrals from H2A network
  • Adds value to his own business
  • Becomes broader specialist, keeps up to date with modern developments of financial and other services for their clients
  • Belongs to the Exclusive club – How2Agency selects Ambassadors from the best

Provider has to be able to provide top quality service and dedicate its best relationship manager or representative. We will exclusively refer our best clients not to the company but to its dedicated representative.

Ambassador has to be reputable, experienced and proactive individual who will seek high quality clients for our agency and providers. We are happy to share our fees/commissions with the agent in exchange for a referral.

Please leave your details below if you like to become our selected Provider or Ambassador: